Restorations IRL Workshop
November 2021

16, 23, 30

8:00 New York
10:00 Sao Paolo
13:00 Dakar ; London
14:00 Abuja ; Paris
15:00 Cairo ; Kyiv
16:00 Ankara ; Nairobi
18 :30 New Delhi
21:00 Singapore

Research from 70 countries where persecution is most severe consistently shows that persecutors use tactics that intentionally target Christians as men and women. In particular, they take advantage of each gender’s existing vulnerabilities. Too often the Bible is seen as a barrier to addressing the separate vulnerabilities that both genders face and which make the whole church less resilient.

Restorations IRL is a 6–hour journey of re-examining our suppositions about men and women in the biblical framework. Restorations applies solid hermeneutical techniques to biblical texts in order to frame a practical theology which is firmly grounded in the reality of our contexts, taking an IRL (In Real Life) approach to understanding gender dynamics and religious persecution. Restorations has been developed by Open Doors both for and alongside Christian communities where faith costs the most. The lessons have grown out of these IRL experiences and reflect the logical consequences of different beliefs regarding men and women when tested in the cauldron of persecution.

Resilience doesn’t happen naturally – even for Christian communities – but, by being transformed by the renewing of our minds, we will grow in unity and strength so that we can stand firm in the face of opposition and glorify God by the way we do so.

IT requirement:  laptop-sized screen to work interactively within multiple windows

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