Gender and Religious Freedom Consultations 

Marcham, UK

March 2015

Leuven, Belgium

May 2017

Abuja, Nigeria

March 2019

Pressure on Christian communities is intensifying year by year in environments where social hostility and government restrictions are increasingly entrenched against minority faiths. As a global forum, we recognise the complex and hidden nature of gender-specific persecution for women and girls, alongside the severe and focussed nature of religious persecution for men and boys.

Over 70 men and women invested in 2 days, immediately following the 2019 Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) Consultation, and explored, in detail, how men and women are denied freedom of religion in practice.

Gender and Religious Freedom team members from Religious Liberty Partnership (RLP) member organisations have built upon the work of the Marcham Consultation (2015) and Leuven Consultation (2017).

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